The Designs:

All our our designs are created by Luka Wild, the trans/non-binary kid who started Proudkind. (formerly Proud Minority)

Our Printers:

All of our tees are printed locally. Locally for us folk in Melbourne Australia, that is.

  • All of our screen printed products are done by our mates in Footscray.
  • All of our digitally printed tees are done by our mates in Alphington.
  • All of our embroidered products are done in-house by us, and occasionally our mums. Thanks, Mum.

The Blank Tees:

Our screen printed designs are made on the finest quality tees by AS Colour. A New Zealand company that – like us - prides itself on ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability. Everything we make is also certified child labour free.

Click here if you would like to know more about how our tees are responsibly sourced.

Our digitally printed designs are made on super soft Gildan tees. Gildan started as a Canadian family run business back in 1984, who are passionate about creating sustainable and ethical apparel.

Click here if you would like to know more about how Gildan tees are responsibly sourced.

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Made to be Vintage

“I love to op-shop. It is a dream of mine that one day, many years from now, in an op-shop in the middle of nowhere, I will stumble across one of my tees, well-loved and waiting for a new home.

I also dream of a day when queer, trans/gnc and feminist tees are flooding the op-shops, readily available for the next generation of people like us. That’s why I put so much effort into ensuring everything I make is of the highest quality. I want it to last, no go into landfill.- Luka